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Yearbook Reflections - Junior Year History

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Ann CooperDetermined to steer a straighter course, we again set out upon the bewildering paths of Mirror Land. Although we thought we now knew our surroundings quite well, a closer inspection revealed that unless we were careful it would be easy to get lost in the labyrinth of the new junior high addition.

Before too many weeks of school had escaped us, four V.I.P.'s (Valueless, Incompetent PeeWee's) were ruling our Looking--glass Class. Knute Westerlund was again chosen to lead us through the battle of survival with Debbie Jones to help him if the path became confusing, while Elaine Georgina and Claire Nixon rounded out the four- some as Most Honorable Note Taker and High Potentate of Usery, respectively.

At least once a month, three girls, Helen Ingalls, Elaine Georgina, and Cynthia Nesbitt, and three boys, Leo Barile, Knute Westerlund and Paul Beebe were conspicuously absent from classes. However, a careful investigation found these dutiful citizens attending security meetings of the King's Council where they were out-- voiced, out--voted and out--classed, as usual.

During the fall and winter our journey was full of excitement and sis-boom-bah's, as our Muscle Men continued to bring us glory with their football, cross-country, basketball, and skiing antics. In other fields, namely dramatics and speech, some of our actors and actresses even ventured as far as the New England One-Act Play Festival, while Mrs. (All right, who threw it?) Wagner stayed at home and patiently prodded, pleaded, and pushed until two of our timid wanderers stumbled through the American Legion Oratorical Contest, emerging to find themselves none the worse for their escapade.

The sounds of the 60's had a special meaning for every- one; to us it meant the Junior Prom. Careful to keep the theme a well-guarded secret, we were prodded into action by Mr. (No, no, you can't do that) Field our sponsor, and special groups could be heard late at night pounding away on Prom decorations. After many bandaged fingers and months of preparation the evening of May 27th arrived.

They said it couldn't be done, but we had succeeded in transforming the drab gym into the mysterious land of Shangri--La, complete with a pagoda, volcano, oriental garden, and the "chopped" suey music of the Hermets feathering Ring a Ding Ding. Our exotic atmosphere lacked only some "draggin' dragons." Although everyone thought our volcano merely a prop, they learned different during the intermission when it erupted to herald the announcement of the royal couple. Empress and Emperor Melinda Richards and Edward Holiday stepped forth to be escorted to the throne for the crowning touch to a memorable evening.

By the end of junior year several members of our class discovered that their efforts of the previous years were not in vain. Pat Jones, Shirley Fuller, Barbara Edwards, Debbie Jones, Leo Barile, David Buehler, and Geoffrey Legg distinguished themselves as recipients of the coveted Silver B, and four girls and nine boys were honored by being chosen to participate in Green Mountain Girls' and Boys' States. Two girls, Karen Hebb and Debbie Jones, excelled in this new game of lawmaking and were elected to the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively. Debbie later went on to Washington, D.C., to represent Vermont at Girls' Nation.

All too quickly we realized that our journey had brought us back to the Garden of Summer and although we were looking forward to a much needed rest, we hated to leave two of our most dedicated teachers, Miss (put-put) Edland and Mr. (I really love women--but) Chaffee who would not be with us in our last year in Looking Glass Land.

Already we anticipated the feeling of being high and mighty seniors, and with the early symptoms of "senioritis," which we seemed to have caught from the graduating class, we set out to make our last summer in Mirror Land one to remember.

Ann Cooper

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