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William BedardMelinda RichardsWe, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Sixty-one, in order to form a more perfect reputation, establish prestige, and secure the blessing of Mr. Stinchfield, do hereby proclaim our last will and testament.

Marilyn (I like them tall, dark, and handsome) Foote leaves her intoxicating giggle to Marsha (I'm going steady) Angell.

Knute (Let's go to the lake) Westerlund bequeaths to Mark (I sing in the choir) Richards his ability to run the 100 yd. dash in 4 min. 8 sec.

Steve (Anyone for a doughnut?) Strong wills his agility on the basketball court to Red ('Course I play basketball!) Herrick.

Jack (Some day I'll play like Krupa) Dunham wills his ability to select cars to all future hot-rodders.

Pat (Me study?) Jones wills her ability to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk without becoming short winded to Diane (I don't bleach my hair!) Estabrook.

Audrey (I'm engaged!) Farnum bequeaths her chic appearance to Ginger (I never thought a Valiant could eat a Chevy in a drag!) Howe.

Barbara (Boys are my favorite subject) Edwards leaves to Phyllis (Don't call me Shorty!) Edson six inches of her height.

Jane (Hey, could I pass for eighteen?) Bryant wills her hot, but cool Chevy to Carole (I've got a joke) Dascomb.

Paul (I work for the town!) Beebe bequeaths his good taste in girls to Bobby (I'm skinny, but I'm tough!) Page.

Don (Let's go hunting!) Camoli wills his 'coon gun to Bobby (I think the Giants stink) Gregg.

Dick (I hate to shave) Herbert leaves his ability to stay on the good side of Coach Natowich to Bob (I don't shave yet) Asbury.

Gary (But Miss Booth!) Graves wills his hairy chest to Steve (I'm a lady's man) Fellows.

Mary (I disagree, Mr. Sprague) Rider leaves her "way out" sense of humor to Ralph (I'm a dinosaur at heart) Kotkov.

Elaine (dreamer) Georgina leaves her ability to make the most of her weekends to Peg (I got me a serviceman.) Barry.

Ann (Mornin' everybody) Starkey leaves the permit for her weekends to Peg (I got me a serviceman) Barry.

Martha (I'm not a gnome!) Crosby wills her cheerfulness to all unhappy junior girls. She certainly has enough to go around.

Claire (Look, Mr. Vose, red smoke) Nixon bequeths to Andrea (Geometry is just my match) Oscarson the wonder- ful ability of being able to get along well with everyone.

Larry (I like girls) Cooke leaves to Joe (I'm hungry) March his ability to have the latest hot rod on the market.

Fran (I wear apricot lipstick) Worden leaves to Sally (My eyes aren't closed) Miniszek the ability to get along with the upperclassmen--boys, that is.

Helen (Hey, I got my car up to 40 miles an hour!) Ingalls and Ann (I beg your pardon?) Cooper leave their good organization habits to Cassandra (All right, I'll do it in a minute) Hickin. We hope that she will do as good a job in everything that she attempts as Helen and Ann have.

Charlie (Yes, Corinne.) Bristol and Corinne (Yes, Charlie,) Huestis bequeath their happiness to any sophomores who are trying the "long term" plan.

To Harvey (Who wouldn't like French with twelve girls and one boy in the class!) Sugar, Puffer (Don't call me Henry!) Wellman, and Tony (I make pretty sitzmarks!) Mastaler, the three senior members of the band's cornet section, Debbie (I'm coming, Mr. Shipp.) Jones, Pat (I was a whiz in drivers' training!) Groulx, and Karen (I have Kastle skis) Clark leave their ability to hit the right notes at the wrong time and the wrong notes at the right times.

Peggy (I like Norwich weekends) Sterns and Sandra (Greenfield's nice) Jacques leave their piles of stationery to any under classman who has a nightly habit of letter-writing.

Isaelle (Whoever said sunflower seeds taste good?) Moyse bequeaths her natural curls to Barb (Yak, Yank, Yak!) Stebbins.

Cindy (Who took my pocketbook?) Nesbitt leaves her ability to knock down slalom poles and still get through the gates to Steve (I didn't fall--that was a flip.) Douglas.

Richard (Come on, you guys!) Michelman leaves the remains of this year's yearbook to Mary Ann (I go a V.W. for my birthday.) Hooper in hopes that she can include all the things he forgot to put into the '61 Colonel.

Mrs. (I have a good homeroom!) Wagner, by special permisson of the class of '61, leaves Mr. (Did you bring your excuse?) Laing a bearskin to cover up the holes in his living room rug.

To Mrs. (that doesn't amount to bug dust!) Wanstall we leave one paid cruise around Spofford Lake. Maybe this will satisfy her yen for travel.

Sharon (I can hit high C.) Dunnell leaves her singing ability to Karen (I can write music.) Gundersen.

Karen (good grief) Hebb bequeaths one dilapidated clipborad with the biographies of all our coaches to any underclass girl who decides take up sportswriting. Hebbie also wills future Boys' State Governors to future Girls" State Governors from Brattleboro. Hmmmmmmm.

Our class artists leave one mound of dirty snow, christ- ened Mr. Snow, as a reminder of our efforts to revive the Snow Sculpturing Contest.

Brent (Think it'll explode, Steve?) Mazelli leaves Dick (Course them are dimples) Edson the captainship of Coach Natowich's Rink-Dink football team.

Ken (Let's skip, Jim) Carpenter and Jim (O.K. Gramps) Plumpton bequeath their adeptness for skipping classes, and not being missed, to Beverly (Who's shy?) Evans.

Bill (Slalom gates--here I come) Douglas wills his physique to Marty (I'm hungry too Joe) Zelbow.

Last, but by no means least, we the members of the class of 1961, leave our position as the all mighty seniors to the class of 1962. We hope they will take advantage of all the many opportunities offered them at BUHS, and also have as many fond memories to dwell upon in the years to come as we have.

Melinda Richards
William Bedard

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