Class of 1961 - Brattleboro, Vermont - USA
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Yearbook Reflections - Class Song

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Special Thanks to Roberta Klump for finding
"One Little Candle" in a midi format!
(January 10, 2006)

Tune from "One Little Candle." © Copyright MCMLI,
MCMLII, Shawnee Press, Inc., Delaware Water
Gap, Pa. Used by special permission

Verse One

As we all say farewell to these halls of our high school,
may our mem'ries linger on.
All the friends we have made and the fun we have had,
we will miss as times goes on.
May the knowledge we've gained and good habits we've formed,
be guide posts to our futures whate'er they may be.
And whether our future be great or be humble, we owe it all to thee.

Verse Two

As we all take our own separate paths to the future,
may God guide each one of us.
As we all journey forth to accept what life brings us,
may each find his happiness.
If we all do our best though young we may seem,
the wonderful dawn of a new day we'll see.
If we all do our part that the world can be free,
what a bright land this will be.

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