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50th Reunion - Class of 1961 Afterglow!

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  • Ed Holiday ~ Please add my congratulations and thanks to all the organizers and others who made our 50th so memorable.  It all starts with Bill Bedard who has been the glue keeping us together for 50 years.  The really hard work done by Gail, Debbie, Judy, Terry and many others on "THE BOOK" and related events is undoubtedly a first for BHS reunions - what a great job!  Bill's choice for our dinner could not have better.  Many thanks also to Bob and Richard for adding so much to the weekend.

  • Linda Wood (Ronald's Wife) Class of '64 ~ To the Class of '61 ~ I went on your website and read about your 50th Reunion. It brought to mind that throughout the years I couldn't get Ronald (Wood) to go to any class gatherings. I finally got him to promise he would go to his 50th and take me with him. Well, I guess the LORD needed him for something more important but I KNOW he was with you in spirit. Sounds like you had a great time. Sorry we missed it.

  • Darlene (Barnett) Deneault ~ So wonderful to see everyone and looking forward to another reunion. You had mentioned a mini one at Ken's house in September. Let me know the date and time.

Once again, thanks of all your work on the yearbook. It is really a spectacular feat!

  • Bernita (Chamberlain) Wheeldon ~ Just a note to tell you all my pictures are done and they came out just fine after umpteen dollars of ink BUT all well worth every penny!!!! My Mother, who is 101 years young just gave the yearbook back to me a couple of weeks ago.. She enjoyed it very much!!!!!!  I did not know for a while IF she was going to return it back or not..  I ended  up buying another white binder  as I put all the pages in protectors.. All classmates are in one binder and rest of the items in the other binder.. I have just now finished that .Thank you again for all your hours of hard work.

  • Claire (Nixon) Tyminski ~ Wonderful reunion!  I wish I had more time to talk to ALL who attended.  My year book staying in Brattleboro at Oak Grove Ave and many who visited my sisters had a chance to see it and were overwhelmed.  Deb & Gail great job!  ALL of you who worked so hard on the 50th made this the best party in town.

    The DVD is almost ready  On top of working full time  I have taken on teaching 2 on-line classes in law & ethics for Medical Assistants at Mohawk Valley Community College, and I have a son getting married in October with a wedding planned in Quechee, VT    And I am still smiling!

    Thank you all

  • David Buehler ~ Thank you again for the great effort you put toward the reunion, and now for keeping it alive by seeing the faces and places again in the form of photos.  What a delight to see!.  It really helps that you have annotated the faces with names.

  • Connie (Benedict) Shearer ~ Wonder if our class is the only one that is so active with one another!!   It is great.  ......  Again thank you for all that you did for our 50th and are still doing,,,,

  • Ed Hutchins ~ Thanks for the pictures. A special thanks to you and all the dedicated individuals that put in so much time for the 50th BUHS Class of 1961 Reunion.

  • GAIL PALMER THOMAS ~ Wow – where to begin?  I loved every moment of it all and have so much to be thankful for.

    I am sincerely grateful for:

    The opportunity to share time and space with so many of you and your spouses during our reunion week and the resulting opportunity to make new friends out of old acquaintances.   The unexpected and unscheduled gatherings at your homes and other places provided special memories for me too.  We even managed to turn the State Office Building parking lot into a gathering space during the initial distribution of the yearbooks 10 days before the events began.  Thanks to Pat Wilson Daniels who spent a day delivering yearbooks with me to your homes in Hinsdale, Vernon, Guilford, West Brattleboro, & Dummerston.  And special thanks to Stuart Wisell for the “heavy lifting” of getting the yearbooks to and from all of the venues.

    To the great team of classmates who worked tirelessly to create a great reunion – I was proud to be a part of it.

    To Bill Bedard– our fearless leader – who selected the fantastic venue for the banquet and handled all of the arrangements for that, including invitations to our teachers,  plus he also made the arrangements for the reception at The River Garden (twice since the caterer originally selected went out of business following the fire at the Brooks House).

    To Debbie Jones Cope, who with skill and caring, took the list of dates & facts that you supplied on the bio form (and follow-up phone calls if she needed more information) and turned them into well written biographies.  The desired result was to share our past 50 years with each other, but also to find common ground, interests and experiences with each other now. 

    To Debbie, Bill, and Marilyn Foote Masi, who put together the list of different activities/venues giving us the opportunity to get together multiple times over a 4 day period.  Many have reported that this approach was so much better than “just” a banquet.

    To Bill & Judy Winter Grover & Terry Martin who spent considerable time and effort at keeping track of who was planning to go to what and who had paid the registration fees for the banquet.  Judy managed this in spite of the need to replace a crashed computer in the middle of it all.

    To Ken Carpenter, Richard Michelman, and Bob & Pat Goodell who have graciously opened their homes to us all, providing unique venues for our events.

    To Ken Carpenter and Ken & Phyllis Emery who generously furnished raffle prizes.

    To Terry Martin who did such a great job of emceeing the banquet and for keeping us all informed through the class website that he created and maintains (

    Personally, I’d like to thank you for the huge card (I signed it too thinking it was for Bill), for the leaded glass (love it and it will be prominently displayed in my home), and for the warm acknowledgement of my efforts to find our classmates and my part in the yearbook.  That is a moment that I will never forget and still get a lump in the throat at the thought.  I’m glad I found everyone too and please do let me know if your address or contact information changes.

    But most of all I am (and we all should be) sincerely grateful for the participation by so many of our classmates and the family members of our deceased classmates in sharing their stories and pictures for the yearbook, and for attending the reunion events in such large numbers.   The yearbook would have not have been worth the effort if only a few had contributed.  The events would have been a dud without the impressive attendance.  And the class kitty would be hurting without the generosity of so many of you.   Debbie and I are both proud of the yearbook and are pleased to hear your positive comments about it.  It truly does make the effort worthwhile.

    So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  You are the ones who made our reunion such a huge success.

    If you took pictures at any of the events please e-mail them to me.  I’ll compile and send out to all so that the pages of them can be added to your yearbooks.  (Be patient – this is going to take a few days.  Must confess though that I didn’t take as many pictures as usual.)

    Advance warning:  I’ve just made a reservation to fly to Vermont on 9/20.  If Ken & Bob Goodell are willing and available we just might have another class BBQ at Ken’s during the weekend of 9/24 or 10/1.  More info about that to follow later.

    Hugs to all!

  • Cindy (Nesbitt) Falvey ~ It was great seeing you and the rest of our classmates.  I had a ball and my husband couldn't believe how many showed up! Gail, Deb and the rest of you did an awesome job. Take care and stay healthy.

  • Ed & Carol (Jones) Dascomb ~ Great to see the pictures from the 50th reunion.  Gail there are no words to thank you ladies for all you took care of for all of us from the class of 1961. 

    You should copy write your idea that you and Debbie had for the yearbook and start on a whole new adventure.  Can not imagine all the hours of work.  We love to look at it and telling and showing others.  Think I told you that we left it with Tom and Carole (Dascomb) Frizzell, class of '62 to look at and she UPS it back to us.  They knew so many of us in the 61 class and enjoyed the book. 

     Hey lady, God bless and thanks again!

  • Karen (Brown) Dufault ~ I'm so enjoying the year book update that you put together. What a treasure of information for me who has been out of touch for 52 years!  I really appreciate all your time and effort to collect all the information, photos and putting the many books together.  And then, all the prodding you must have done to get the info from several of us!  It's a special book we will all treasure for years to come.

I'm still going through the book slowly and enjoying each update.  The more I read the more name recognition I'm obtaining.  Often I get flashbacks of things that happening in high school - such fun to look back and remember the fun and simple times.

Thank you again for the time it took to track down all us fallen away members of the class of 1961.  It was so much fun for me to reconnect with so many classmates and to hear their stories.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.  Peace!

  • Linda Parry ~ The yearbook arrived and I spent one entire rainy afternoon reading it cover to cover.  Loved it.  You and Debbie did an absolutely amazing should both be very proud of what you accomplished.  If there is a mini reunion in the Fall keep me  posted.  I promise to make every effort to attend.


  • Marilyn (Foote) Masi ~ BTW with all the excitement surrounding the accident I forgot to thank you for a wonderful Reunion and year book.  I thought the Reunion was absolutely perfect.  We had an awesome Reunion.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world.  I'm so proud of our class and who they are now.  A great celebration.  We might consider some video interviews next time - like they do at weddings.

  • Leo Barile ~ Thanks again for your great efforts on all of the Reunion activities. Superb job down !!!

  • Doug Teeson ~ Terry, Thanks for pitching in, in so many ways, to make the 50th such a roaring success.  From start to finish, it was a weekend to be treasured.  Your website for the class, your individual correspondence with us, and filling in for Bill at the podium--all helped tremendously.  And it was good to talk with you at the banquet--interesting to hear about your careers.  

    Reading your yearbook page, I see you are enthused about genealogy.  My paternal grandmother was Marion Martin Teeson.  Her father was Dr. George Forrest Martin, of Lowell, Massachusetts (and before that, Ohio, I think). 

    Thus, I have a book of Martin genealogy at our house in New London.  We're away at the moment, but in case you don't already have a copy, I'll send you the publishing data on it when we're next back in town.   I haven't looked at it for some years, but recall wondering whether I get my "liking for the sea and its lore" from William Seaborn Martin, born at sea in one of the earliest ships to America after the Mayflower.  The book has a gap in the family tree sometime before G. Forrest, so I can't be 100% sure.

    In any event, it would be interesting to learn whether we are distantly related, and if so, to discover whether or not Seaborn is among the shared ancestors.

    Again, Terry, thanks for all you did to make the 50th reunion unforgettable for all who attended.

    All the best!

  • Doug Teeson ~ Dear Gail and Deb, Thanks for the great teamwork, you two! 

    Reading through the yearbook all this past week, it's been as fascinating to catch up on the lives of old friends and old flames as it has been to discover some in the book who are completely new to memory. It's especially interesting to discover times and places where one's paths, interests and/or causes crossed with those of classmates.

    Gail, thanks for having the wonderful vision, the iron resolve, the persuasive persistence and the generous spirit that were all essential to the book's success.  Your work on it gives new meaning to the phrase, "Nothing worthwhile comes easy"!

    Deb, thanks for using your special gifts with the written word to put all those many bios into the same, highly readable "voice".  I can only imagine the mountain of submitted material you had to sort through, plus you clearly did a lot of your own research to fill in some of the blanks.  

    Thank you both, again, for all the efforts you put in to make this happen.  The yearbook brings new life to old memories, and will be a treasure for generations to come.  

    All the best!

  • Jane (Long) Emerson ~ I luv, luv the yearbook...Fantastic job!!  We tried to go to Goodell's Fri evening about nine.  This is quite unbelievable but.. we could not find it!! It was pitch black and drizzling.. more like bad eyesight tho.  Even with Janet's husband on the phone trying to give us landmarks. Ahdah!!!  Anyhow, I'm disappointed that I missed you and I thank you very much, even tho I missed it, for all you and Debbie did.

    We are meeting Pat & Bob for dinner Wed eve in Bomoseen.  Have a good summer!

  • Brad Dupee ~ What an outstanding thank you note to all.  It should be all of us writing to you for all your exceptional efforts that you and the team put in to make it all a reality.

    Thank you, I am glad I attended.  OK the 7th grade is when I left.

  • Jo Ann (Fitch) Judice ~ Hi, Gail,  I want to personally thank you for all that you did to make our class reunion weekend such a success.  I know a lot of people were involved but everything needs a driving force and you certainly were just that.  Your tireless effort to try to locate everybody was amazing.  I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone but I certainly did the best I could!  The yearbook (so awesome) will help me get caught up with everyone else.

We're planning on going on vacation in September but we return on the 21st.  I will mark my calendar in case things work out for a mini reunion!  Have a good summer and get some rest!  You've earned it!

  • Dennis Boudreau ~ Gail, Thank you for including me and the others that did not complete our time at BUHS, I felt as though I did and I can’t believe all that you all did for this get together.  I had a great time!!

  • Chap Thomson ~ WOW!!! is correct. I am usually reserved about complementing people. BUT you and all of the people who really worked out of love for the class of 1961 should take an encore bow. As I told you I had reservations about attending the reunion. But boy am I glad I came. I had forgotten about a lot of the people I went to school with and very pleased that I was also remembered. One of my best friends here received a blow by blow of the weekend and he is amazed that so much was done for a class reunion. Also my lovely wife was shocked at how excited I was when I got home and explained about the great weekend. Well I could go on but must get to work. I will close with this I started my adult life with the class in 1958 graduated in 1961 and in 2011 came full circle with the same KIDS.

    With great respect for all you have done.

  • Judi (Puffer) Griffin ~ Although I was not able to attend our 50th reunion I am thankful to be part of a class that cares so deeply and keeps on giving.  Having just read your note to all the classmates who made the 50th reunion a special memory I am so touched by all who made it happen. What a wonderful contribution from so many classmates.

    Thanks to all who worked tirelessly compiling our spectacular yearbook and making the 50th such a memorable occasion. I am so proud to say I am from the class of 1961!

    God Bless!

  • Elaine (Georgina) Landry ~ Gail,  Pete asked if you would like to do a Class of ’60 yearbook for their 55th reunion! (Just kidding.) It was a remarkable piece of work.  Thank you.

  • Linda & Clint Tefft ~ The yearbook is spectacular and we've had lots of laughs and good memories as we've looked through the many pages.  You girls have done something that no other class has ever done and I think the Reformer should be notified so they can write up a story.  What do ya think?  As always it was fun to see you and we are looking forward to the many activities you have planned for the weekend.  Linda Tefft

    Clint and I had a wonderful time at Richard's and especially at the banquet which was top notch.  The space was perfect and a class act to have it there instead of those tacky clubs.  Perfect choice and the food was actually delicious which is unheard of for a banquet.
    The yearbook is sensational and will be treasured for the rest of our lives and I'm sure our children and grandchildren will think it's a treasure to keep also (I can hear them now...look how funny they looked back then...).  Thank you again Gail  and our thanks to everyone else who worked countless hours to make this whole weekend full of memories to last the rest of our lives.

  • Ted Gale ~ This will not be long but I would be remiss if I did not take a minute to thank you both for an incredible effort which resulted in a huge success. It could not have been better. The banquet was fantastic even for those of us who felt like space aliens returning to base after a life-long voyage.

    [Debbie. We may have been on Okinawa at the same time (1967-68?).]

  • Barb (Greenwood) Blake ~ I really had a good time. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous. We ended up sitting with Bob Goodell and his wife. You did a wonderful job. I especially liked the bbq at Bob's. Saturday night was great also and I loved having it where we did.  Great choice.

     Take care.

  • Sylvia (Nadeau) Heath ~ The reunion was great!  I bet you are having some conflicting feelings.  As in, glad it went smashingly and sorry it is over!  With all your energy, I hope you had your next project lined up.  Thanks again.  Also want you to know that I read through the reunion book and enjoyed every page…Syl

  • Pat (Groulx) Green ~ I liked the bbq the best. Maybe I'll get up to Richard's to really look through antiques.

  • John & Judy (Willard) Lane ~ Just wanted to say a big THANKS to you and all for the "super awesome" 50th get together last night--and you deserve more than one can say for the "BIG BOOK"!!!! We enjoyed the reading!!!!!!--J&J

  • Brenda & Bob Bingham ~ Just thought you should know that the class book is a big hit in this house.  Bob was looking at it, decided to take a break, so I started looking.  Then, he decided he wanted it back and I am waiting. 

    Want to tell you again what a fabulous job you did with all the 1961 activities.  We had a terrific time and still talking about how delicious the meal was.

  • Mary (Rider) Busam ~ My Yearbook arrived safely, as promised.  I have been staying up late, enjoying catching up on what has happened in the last 50 years to all my classmates.  You and Debbie have done a marvelous job on this labor of love.  I am so amazed that you were able to find everybody, including many who only accompanied us for some of the journey.  Reading through and seeing the pictures have helped to refresh my memory.  Carolyn Jerard would tell me of her experiences at reunions and say, “Remember --------?”  I would respond “ No”, but looking through the Yearbook, I am recognizing and remembering more.  I thank you wholeheartedly for all your work and know you will just love each and every moment of this reunion.  As I work on my family matters, I know I made the best choice for me but I am thinking of you all and wishing I could share in all the camaraderie.  Best wishes

  • Bernita (Chamberlin) Wheelden ~ Debbie.... Gail and Pat dropped off my yearbook today and all I can say is what a WONDERFUL job you did in writing up all of our bio"s... It is wonderfully written and I just want to say THANKS for all your time and hard work  !!!!!!!!!  See you soon and again a job WELL done.... Gail…..  Thank you so much for bringing the yearbook... Don’t know if you have computer with you or not but just want to say what a nice job you and Debbie have done.. Sure was a lot of work and know we do not have any idea how many hours you spent on it..   Was written soooo well and no stone left unturned. I want to just thank you for all you have done for our class !!!!!

  • Ed Wojchick ~ I received my book today, the 13th. It is so fantastic, thanks to Gail and Debby and everyone who contributed. I know it was a great work and could only have been accomplished with love and caring..... will be thinking of all of you during this week.     (Sherri is banged up in nose, feet and cast on arm , but is starting to feel better and down to one pain pill a day along with Tylenol) 

Our regards to all. Hope you have a really wonderful time.

  • Judy (Allen) Seitzer ~ I received my yearbook today and I can't put it down. I feel that I should have paid more for the book after seeing all of the work and time was put into this. Thank you sooooo much. Always!

  • Dianne & Jack Malloy ~ GREAT JOB......thanks for making the 1961 BUHS reunion so wonderful for everyone.  We came back to Portland POOPED, but a GOOD POOPED.  Thanks, Dianne & Jack Malloy.

  • Karen Hebb Piccolo ~ Debbie & Gail:  Together, YOU TWO are an absolute wonder!  Kudos to you both for all you have done to make this such a terrific keepsake. How did the two of you possibly DO this??? What an incredible undertaking! The UPS driver must have fainted!  How many copies did you have to mail? How are you getting the rest to Vermont for the reunion???   Another neat factor - you have my name on the binder in the same font that we use on our trash-hauling trucks!!!   I didn't mean to be so verbose - that's a lot of print for one person.

Have a WONDERFUL TIME at the reunion.    I would love to join you all, but, I am comfortable with my decision to stay here with Sam. He's been such a wonderful husband; I am truly blessed.



  • Knute Westerlund  ~ Received the year book in perfect condition. You, Debbie and all other contributors are to be commended for its content.  It was truly a herculean task and one which will afford us many "new" memories of our classmates.


  • First bio submitted:  Carolyn Jerard

  • Photo contest Orlando III (guessing who is who from new photos):  Carolyn Jerard & Ken Carpenter

  • Last bio submitted:  Ann Cooper

  • Longest bio submitted:  David Buehler

  • Most Humerous Bio:  Clinton Tefft

  • Oldest Photo:  Jack Dunham

  • Most artifacts contributed:  (Tie) Bernita Chamberlin & Connie Benedict

  • Alphabetically: Our classmates consisted of Sarah Isham and next was Sandra Jacques.

  • WEIRD: Sarah married Armand (first name) ~ Sandy married a DeArmand  (last name)

Special Thanks to Those that have sent photographs that Gail could compile in her "Kodak Moments" and I could Link here ~ So Appreciated!

Gail (Palmer) Thomas' Kodak Moments at the River Garden (Slide Show)

Photographs at the Robert Gibson River Garden (PRINTABLE .pdf file)

Kodak Moments for the School Tour (Slide Show)

Photographs of School Tour (PRINTABLE .pdf file)

Kodak Moments at Richard's (Slide Show)
Photographs of Richard's Open House (PRINTABLE .pdf file)

Kodak Moments of Chillin' n Grillin'" (Slide Show)

Photographs of Chillin' n Grillin' (PRINTABLE .pdf file)
Kodak Moments of Banquet (Slide Show)
Photographs of Banquet (PRINTABLE .pdf file)
Kodak Moments of Sunday Luncheon (Slide Show)
Photographs of Sunday Luncheon (PRINTABLE .pdf file)
Kodak Moments Miscellaneous Moments (Slide Show)
Photographs of Miscellaneous Moments (PRINTABLE .pdf file)

Attendance at our 50th reunion events included:

·         48 Classmates plus spouses who live in Brattleboro and the immediate surrounding area (includes Vernon, Guilford, Marlboro, Dummerston, Putney, Westminster, Bellows Falls, Newfane, Hinsdale & Swanzey, Keene) attended one or more of our events

·         6 Classmates plus spouses who live in Vermont – but not in the immediate Brattleboro area - attended

·         6 Classmates plus spouses from Massachusetts attended

·         7 Classmates plus spouses from New Hampshire (not Cheshire County) attended

·         5 Classmates plus spouses from Connecticut

·         1 Classmate from Maine

·         1 Classmate from Rhode Island

·         3 Classmates plus spouse from Texas

·         2 Classmates plus spouses from North Carolina

·         2 Classmates plus spouses from Oregon

·         9 Classmates plus spouses from Florida (full time residents of FL)

·         1 Classmate plus spouse from Maryland

·         1 Classmate and spouse from Washington (state)

·         1 Classmate from Arizona

·         1 Classmate from New Mexico

·         1 Classmate from Colorado

·         1 Classmate from California

 Plus we were pleased to welcome:

 ·         3 teachers:  Mr. Pfenning, Coaches Rounds & Ryan

·         2 surviving spouses:  Tanya Beebe and Kathy Cook

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