Class of 1961 - Brattleboro, Vermont - USA
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Yearbook Reflections - President's Address

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Bill BedardParents, friends, teachers, and alumni, on behalf of the senior class I welcome you to the commencement exercises for nineteen-hundred and sixty-one.

Today, as you well know, marks a very important occasion in our lives, for, the friends we have acquired, the experiences we have shared, and the knowledge we have gained provide a launching platform. Webster tells us that commencement means 'beginning.' Our basic education at Brattleboro Union High School provides a fuel; the moments here at graduation provide the count-down; our future is unlimited.

Schooling, for the most part, has provided the necessary tools we shall need in the coming years. The fact that man is essentially curious will help us in our search for new quests. Eventually and adventurously we will find both ourselves and new horizons.

Thanks to the soundness of the more-than-adequate preparation given us, we feel confident in facing these challenges. Parents, friends, teachers, and alumni, we not only welcome you but gratefully we thank you for the help you have given us towards reaching these important goals.

Thank you,

William Bedard

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