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Hi folks,     (June 5, 2001)

I thought I would try to explain what is happening on Friday the 15th.

We plan to welcoming all classmates to the River Garden from 6 pm on. The River Garden itself will close to the public at 7 pm; however, the class will have the complete area all to ourselves including the terrace until closing at 10 pm.

We will have the dedication sometime between 7&9 of the Terrace. I hope this helps everyone who was concerned that we were planning the dedication at 6:30 and they would have to miss it.

Also had an e-mail wondering if we were planning on working on the float on Friday night. It appears we cannot be in two places at once. we therefore will have to meet up on the Putney Road on Saturday Morning to see what we do for the float.

In closing I would beg all those who have not sent in their reservation to do so .............. The Grange needs to order all the food for the banquet.

Thank You. Any Questions , please e-mail me.

See you all soon!!!!!


Hi Gang,     (June 3, 2001)

We are in June and STILL NEED TO HEAR from several classmates. I have received checks for reservations from 33 classmates representing 55 people (so far)........ I know several that are coming but still haven't heard from them.

Please respond by sending me a check for either $17.50 or $35.00 (per couple). We need to let the Grange know so they can order the food. For some of the other NOT on the web we plan on calling to remind them of the food deadline.

This note will also serve to remind all about meeting at the River Garden on Friday, June 15 between 6: 00/ 6:30 to officially dedicate the Terrace we donated to the Town as the Class of 1961 "Living Memorial" so please mark it on your calendar. For people in the immediate Brattleboro area if you see anyone from the Class remind them to give me a call and let me know that they plan on attending. Thank You!!!

Sometime this next week we plan on meeting up at Ken Carpenter's property on Putney Road. (Same place we meet 5 years ago). The building is a gift shop located next to Dunkin Donuts and almost across from Kings Bowling Alley .If you need directions, Please call me at 254-6693. We Plan on doing our float here and attaching it to Rodney Winchester carry van.

The banquet at Ken Carpenters will be on Saturday evening from 5:00pm on with dinner at 7:00 pm, However early arrivers from out of town can go to Kens anytime in the afternoon and meet with whomever is there.

Well, that's it for now. If you haven't sent me your reservation yet............ do it right now!!! Remember there is only 12 days left.

See you guys soon.


Hey Gang,   (May 30, 2001)

Our next Class Meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. at the H.S.  Probably the same classroom (130-131).

We're getting down to the finish line - things to discuss - plaque, dedication and float.

See YOU there!


Hi Again,     (May 5, 2001)

A quick update - the May 3rd deadline below was ONLY for getting in the inscription ideas for the plaque and NOT for reservations for our 40th.  SO keep those reservations coming into me so we can get a total count on who's coming!

On the "Inscriptions" for the plaque, each of you received an idea by e-mail - let me know what you think?

Special Thanks to ALL for you input!


Hi Guys,     (April 29, 2001)

As you can see we have to put the final touches on the River Garden Terrace Project. We are very close but not quite there yet.

For all of you that have already sent a donation I THANK YOU very much. If you have been thinking about the project send a donation soon ............. would like to have a few more classmates be part of this very special event. Remember a week from today.

To make reservations for the 40th Reunion at Kens , Please send your check to:

W. Bedard - Class of 61
P.O. Box 26
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Send a check for $17.50 per person. This will cover the complete cost for the evening. Including the class gift (this is the River Garden Terrace Project) Will include all drinks, will include extras for parade including napkins, paint, etc.

Our reason for charging $17.50 per person is because the Grange is charging us between $10-12.50 per plate. The extra will be for miscellaneous expenses. As I noted earlier if price in a factor, just make a donation. Our goal is to have YOU join in the fun and visit with some classmates that you have not seen in years, so be sure to come and join us.

In Closing, I want to remind all to send me any suggestions that we can use for our plaque on the terrace. I have received 3 so far but would like a few more that will be shared at the class meeting on Thursday, May 3rd at the high school, room 131. Would like to have as many attend as possible to discuss the copy on the memorial plaque. (I will make copies of all suggestions to share the night of the meeting.)

Talk to all of you soon!


Hi Gang,     (April 18, 2001)

Thought I would send everyone a update on last class meeting.

First we talked about our memorial project, which by the way is progressing along a little slow right now however we have had

11 checks send thus far! A few people have told me a check will be coming soon. Anyone that interested in supporting the project can send a tax deductible contribution to myself at P.O. Box 26, Brattleboro VT. 05302

All amounts received will be kept confidential. The actual River Garden Terrace is nearly complete. I have taken Pictures so everyone can see what it looks like.

For those who can't picture where the River Garden is located this picture should help you get your bearing. To the left of the River Garden is the building that housed the Paramount Theater. The location where the River Garden is use to be Clapps Sporting Goods and Thompson Jewelers. If anyone has any question on the project please contact me.

One of the project we need to be thinking about right now is the inscription on the plaque. I'm asking everyone to think about what we should say on the plaque. We will have a deadline of May 1 to come with some ideas. Everyone put your thinking caps on!!! Click HERE to send your ideas!

Next class meeting will be Thurs, May 3rd at 7pm, in room 131.

Notices to all classmates NOT on the web have been mailed to everyone else with complete details on all projects including; the Memorial project, The banquet at Ken Carpenters, The parade info, Where everyone will be meeting on Fri. Sat. &Sun. Alumni Weekend.

Plan to attend our meeting on the 3rd and give your thoughts on the plaque. Everyone who has an interest in the Memorial Project should be thinking about getting back to me soon. Next goal is to start putting final plans on the banquet at Kenny's.

I think that's all for now....................... Talk to you guys real soon!


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