Class of 1961 - Brattleboro, Vermont - USA
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2nd Annual Florida Mini-Reunion Gathering!

A number of "The Class of '61" got together, thanks to Gail (Palmer) Thomas, who did a wonderful time in planning and set-up of a central location for everyone to gather!
(Click on the thumbnail photos to see the larger version) - For Gail's Kodak Moments Click HERE! (You'll have to sign in, BUT it's worth it!)

Diane Wheelock

Bob Wheelock

Stu Wisell & Bob Goodell

Bob Goodell

Cheryl Macie Bauer & David Buehler

Frank and Marilyn Masi

Marty Crosby Tompkins & Carol Grimshaw Frey

Ed Dascomb

Carol Jones Dascomb

Pat Goodell

Carolyn Jerard

Gail Palmer Thomas and Carol Grimshaw Frey

Marilyn, Gail, Carol

Mastser Chef Bob Goodell.
WOW - This guy can cook!

Judy Winter Grover

Baby Back Ribs on the Grill

Pat Goodell and Judy Winter Grover

Debbie & Michelle

Dan Barnes

Bob Grover

Paulette & David "Cookie" Cooke

Marty & Jack

Phil Grassi, David Cooke, Debbie Jones Cope

Phil Grassi, Jack Dunham

Cheryl Macie Bauer

David Buehler

Linda Barnes

Stu Wissell & Fred Bauer

Acworth 4 - Marilyn, Debbie, Carolyn & Cheryl

Danny Barnes, Michelle Grassi,
Linda Barnes, Bob Goodell

Carolyn, Brenda & Stu

Jack & Marty - Staying connected.
"He'll shoot me for sharing this!"

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