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Steve Soffer Get Together and Oak Grove School Memories!

"The Class of '61 got together with Steve Soffer, and his lovely wife, Paula, at Claire's on Oak Grove Street on Friday night, October 1st, 2000, to honor Steve and invite in some of the Oak Grove Gang. We had a great time enjoying a pot luck supper, a lot of good talk and memories! Steve and Paula reside in Bellaire, Texas and have four kids. Special thanks again to Geoff and his digital camera and to Claire for being such an excellent Hostess and the use of your home!

Steve and Paula

Front Row (right to left) Claire, Shirley, Judy, and Joanne - Back Row: Bill, Geoff, Steve, Terry, Linda, and Richard

Steve and Paula Soffer

Back Row: Bill (Bedard), Geoff (Legg), Steve (Soffer),
Terry (Martin), Linda (Perry), Richard (Michelman) Front
Claire (Nixon), Shirley (Fuller), Judy (Winter),
Joanne (Fitch)



Linda Perry - Have you ever heard the story of "Blackie?"

The Hostess with the Most! - You're the Best Claire!


Janet Koslowski (Readon) - "I don't remember Blackie,
but speaking of black things, has anyone ever been
kissed in a coal bin by a certain member of the class?"

Shirley (Fuller) - "You're kidding,
Blackie is buried where?"


Joanne (Fitch) - "You lucky woman,
you kissed who in the old coal bin?"

Terry (Martin) - "Are you serious? If I was a
Cop I'd want a law against doing that to a dog!"

Frank and Bob


Frank (Judice) and Bob (Grover) - "Hey Frank, I don't
know much about black dogs, but I'll never forget the night
Terry and I picked up a white cat at two in the morning!"

Dave (Readon) - "Here's to Blackie wherever you are?"

Judy and Bill


Judy (Winter) and Bill (Bedard) - "Judy,
did we have Blackie on our class list?"

Richard (Michelman) - "You did what to Blackie?"

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