Class of 1961 - Brattleboro, Vermont - USA
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Brattleboro Union High School - Class of 1961

"The Class of '61 had its day - and continues to!"

BUHS Class of 1961 - the First Alumni Class of the World Wide Web!


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1961 - 2011:
50th Reunion Info Afterglow
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Welcome to The Class of 1961's Website!

BUHS - Class of '61 Yearbook - Class Colors - Blue and Gold

We are excited about our place on the Internet!

A few years have gone by, but our class spirit has not weakened - only grown stronger. Truthfully, "The Class of '61 had its day - and continues to!"

Being of the class we are, you probably noticed that we now hold the distinction of being "The First BUHS Alumni Class on the Internet?" Can we expect any less?

We especially remember, sadly, the spirit of those who have passed on ...  way before their time and we all miss them. Be sure to stop by our 2001 Project - it's dedicated to them, their families and friends.

We have always been an inclusive class also, so we hold close those that we attended schools and classes with. Many may have somehow gotten separated over those years from us, but are always welcome at any of our "get-togethers" and alumni functions.

If you are reading this - we want to hear from YOU! "Cruise" about the pages and if you have some news or ideas on site enhancements, just e-mail us.


Class of 1961 - Brattleboro, Vermont - USA

Final Results of "What shall we (The BHS/BUHS Alumni
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1. Keep the Name and Mascot: 87%
2. Keep the Name and Change the Image: 9%
3. Change both the Name and Mascot: 4%

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